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The rule of twelfths

I majored in History, not English Lit. I guess that’s a way of saying I am not a big metaphor guy. But there’s something about the tide that has always fascinated me. Every day, just over six hours apart, there … Continue reading

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I found an issue about which we can all agree!

Tonight I was invited to a public affairs forum at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta to listen to Dr. Joshua Ruah, Associate Professor of Finance at Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. The subject? The Economics of State and … Continue reading

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Gone with the Wind

This afternoon I travelled to Woodruff Park with six students and a faculty member, Dr. Veronica Holmes, to witness the southern version of Occupy Wall Street — Gone with the Wind, part two? The students came with cameras and recorders … Continue reading

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So my dad asks “does one have to give up all his dignity at the end of his life?” No, not all I tell him but some I think given his condition and his options. “That’s just terrible” he says … Continue reading

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Last night was an emotional evening for all of us bearing witness to the disaster that is America’s national immigration policy (see blog below on the raid at Postville), I will admit I am not a big fan of states’ … Continue reading

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Things Guatemalan

I won’t attempt here to fully explain my Guatemala attachment. That will surely come over time, assuming I keep this blogging thing up. Right now, I am actually having trouble not blogging. I suppose it is a result of having … Continue reading

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How to Limit Opportunity for Higher Education

Yes, that reads exactly how it is supposed to read and the headline (and accompanying research) came to me from a group called Postsecondary Education OPPORTUNITY. ( . As I wrote in my last blog, facts are good things. Facts … Continue reading

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