Why a blog? What’s with the name?

A century or so ago University Presidents were expected to serve in the role of public orator, speaking out on important issues of the day and sometimes even serving to influence public opinion. Today, for fear of alienating one constituent or another, or more especially, one donor or another, presidents mute themselves or are at least encouraged by others to stand mute. This blog is an attempt for me to have it both ways. The thoughts and opinions expressed here belong to me and me alone. Hence the phrase, “my own words.” On the other hand, I serve as Oglethorpe University’s 16th President and I realize that position provides me some sort of platform. Maybe better put, very few people would be interested in my own words but for my role. Hence the “stormy petrel” tag (the fun-loving mascot of my university).  Knowing no one can ever have it both ways, I persist, or more appropriately, I begin.

Larry (aka, Larry Schall)

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