If I make a misstatement, I’m going to say I made a misstatement

I’m not one to publicly wade head first into politics, but sometimes it’s just too hard to resist. Today is one of those days. I’m not a fan of the Tea Party. As a non-coffee English Breakfast consumer, I sure wished they had chosen another moniker, but I’ll save that for another day. I wasn’t a fan of the Black Panther Party or the Weathermen either. I’m just not an extreme kind of guy. Don’t get me wrong. Folks on the extreme end of the political spectrum often do have a point to make. Inside some of their positions are kernels of truth. And as I have written before, when things aren’t working, it’s pretty silly to keep doing the same thing. A sign of insanity, someone once said. That said, I sure wouldn’t vote for a candidate on either end of the spectrum to run my country.

Right now, we are witnessing a struggle for the control of the Republican Party and it’s not a pretty picture. The extreme end of that party is desperately searching for a candidate to lead them and us to the promised land. Who have they raised up as the most attractive possibilities? A string of misspeaking faux leaders that boggles the mind. Sarah Palin who decided to resign her governorship in the middle of a term to do exactly what? Michele Bachmann whose own team has quit on her and called her a whole lot of horrible things. Rick Perry has finally seemed to acknowledge his inability to articulate anything. And the latest? The Cain Train, from my own state of Georgia where Mr. Cain has never even been able to win a single election to anything. His series of misstatements is becoming legendary, so much in fact he has resorted to claiming he just has a big sense of humor (as in we ought to electrify anyone coming across the border). So, so funny. His latest string of misstatements are not nearly as funny. He was apparently accused of sexual harassment 15 years ago by a couple work colleagues. Best I can tell, the case was settled/resolved and life went on. I don’t know if that disqualifies him to be president. I tend not to think so, but I acknowledge others might disagree. What does disqualify him in my mind is how he has dealt with the claim since it appeared in the news. He has, in some order I can’t quite figure out, refused to talk about it, denied it, said he couldn’t remember it, remembered some of it, suggested he had no idea what the result of the claims were, then seemed to remember something about the resolution, and on and on. Doesn’t inspire much confidence in Mr. Cain’s ability to operate on the world stage, does it?

I don’t know where the Tea Party goes from here. They have run out of candidates for this go-round best I can tell. Will they support Mitt? Hard to imagine. That’s the trouble with ideological extremists. There’s no room for others at the party because they are so darn sure the party belongs to them and to them alone.

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