Joe Pa and Rick Pe

No surprises tonight. An hour ago, the Penn State Board fired the President and the Coach. When I read Coach Paterno’s statement from this afternoon announcing he would retire after the season and telling the Board of Trustees they could now worry about something else, his fate was sealed. In my experience, Boards don’t really like anyone telling them what they should worry about. After all that transpired this week, the fact that Paterno thought he was still running the show was quite telling. Given everything, what happened in Happy Valley tonight was inevitable.

Also tonight, a friend sent me a link to the story about Rick Perry’s debate performance this evening. He suggested a blog post would be impossible for me to resist. He was right. Now remember the context. Perry’s candidacy has been sabotaged by a series of poor on-stage performances (his own I might add). Well, tonight it was if we were watching a Saturday Night Live skit. Even the other candidates seem to feel sorry for him and tried to help. Perry has suggested he would abolish three agencies immediately upon taking office. They would be Commerce, Education and…. Perry just went blank. A senior moment we call it at work. There just was no helping him. Ron Paul suggested the EPA. Nope, not it. Well after the debate was over, a Perry aide let us know it was the Department of Energy that occupied that third position. Was anyone surprised by the gaffe? Inevitable one might say. If I were Perry, I might keep that education group around a little bit longer.

And finally, I have heard some concern that my political posts, in particular, might offend potential donors to the university and that I should consider shutting this thing down. For those of you new to my blog, take a peek at my first entry. I try to explain there what I am doing and why. I hardly intend to offend anyone and I sure think my political views are pretty tame and expressed with a lot of civility. That said, I certainly don’t expect everyone to agree with everything I think and I encourage anyone who feels differently to jump into the fray. That’s the beauty of this blog. I write. You can comment. I can respond. Sounds like a conversation. I look forward to that.

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