The A team

Last night my staff and I had a rare night out together. I mean really rare and that’s no one’s fault but my own. They are an exceptional group of hard working and committed people and I don’t tell them that or show them that as often as I should.

Given Oglethorpe’s comparative resource disadvantage, my view all along has been we have to work harder and work smarter than our competition. At least with regard to working hard, it’s easy for me to expect that of myself. I love the work I do here and I really like working. Given my role at Oglethorpe, that’s not a bad combination. But it’s a whole different ballgame when it comes to people who work alongside me.  There’s absolutely no reason for anyone to expect them to devote their life to their work. They could easily work a 40-50 hour work week and call it a day. But not one of them does. They are as committed to our success as I am and, for that, I know I am blessed.

They also like to laugh which is another blessing. I bought eight bags of bath salts for tonight’s dinner, each in a carefully labeled bag. I was trying to find some little something which would help us move the conversation away from work. Every bag was individually prepared by a store clerk up the street who apparently never had been asked to prepare so many blends in so many bags. Ninety minutes later, I left the store exhausted and ready for a bath of my own. Lavender calms a nervous headache. Jasmine is emotionally stimulating. Lemon balm uplifts the spirit. Rosewood is a steadying influence for those under pressure. You get the picture. I set out all eight bags on the dinner table and then each member of my staff selected a particular essence and gifted it upon another, using the occasion to explain why they had matched their particular colleague with a particular essence. Like I said, good thing they like to laugh.

I am thankful every day for each one of these amazing people. Tonight I got to tell them that.

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