This whole pledge thing

I don’t know who started this whole pledge thing – getting candidates for public office to swear (as in, So Help me God right above their signatures) their allegiance to one cause or another. Grover Norquist has the whole no tax pledge thing cooking right along. Today, I read about another, sponsored by The Family Leader, a socially conservative Iowa-based organization whose mission is to support family values (as defined by The Family Leader, of course). Their pledge, called The Marriage Vow, contains 14 points, including one about the size of the federal deficit. Not sure how that one made a family values list, but it is down near the bottom. My guess is not all that many folks are reading that far.

On Monday, we learned that Newt has signed the pledge and the CEO of The Family Leader is pleased. Newt apparently vows to be faithful to this wife. Now, I am not one to suggest that his infidelity disqualifies him to be president. I do believe, however, his signing this pledge ought to. How hypocritical can someone be? (That’s a rhetorical question).

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  1. Beatriz says:

    How is it called again please??????

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