Jon Stewart knocked one out of the park Tuesday night. I was watching the story and can’t believe America has come to this. Some group in Florida ingeniously named the Florida Family Association called for a boycott of Lowe’s Home Improvement Centers because they were advertising on TLC (The Learning Channel) on a show called the American-Muslim Family. I had heard something of this story but honestly didn’t pay much attention to the detail. I am not sure what I assumed, but I just guessed there was something to all this fuss — that some episode or some line in the show reasonably offended someone and Lowe’s responded in some reasonable way. Again, I’ll admit I didn’t pay much attention to the whole thing. Nothing seemed so far out of line to justify my attention. Turns out, shame on me.

Stewart showed a few clips from the show. The whole thing is about as controversial as the Cosby Show — American middle class mothers and fathers worrying about American middle class issues. Stupifying boring? Yes. So, what is the controversy? Why the boycott of the advertisers? Remember that the characters were all Muslim. Let’s go to the FFA spokesperson. The show portrayed Muslims as non-violent, non-terrorists and that went against his deeply held belief system. It thus spread dangerous misinformation to children who would be lulled into believing all Muslims were not terrorists. Trust me, that sentence was hard to even write. Sometimes it is difficult to accept that people think like this in America and even harder that a company like Lowe’s would respond to such ugly nonsense.

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