“That’s ironic, isn’t it?”

all light up

I love New York. Just about everything about it. I was born in the city 58 years ago, but left with my family for the “great” state of Delaware when I was two. People who meet me often think I am a New Yorker. I doubt they always mean that as a compliment but I take it that way. My favorite thing about New York is its streets. This morning on an errand, I passed Zuccotti Park. I wasn’t expecting to pass this icon of the OWS movement, but there it was. Appearing out of no where, except on my iPhone app while I was searching for a Wells Fargo ATM. The park didn’t look anything like I thought it would. First, there was not a single blade of grass. It’s a true city park. Second, it was devoid of a single person. Swept clean, barricades all around, Christmas lights ablazing. I asked one of the dozens of policemen standing at its edges if he knew where Wells Fargo was. No such luck, but he suggested I might ask across the park in a large office building. “Thank you”, I responded and started walking around the park and all the fences. “You can actually walk across”, he told me. “That would be o.k. Just squeeze between the barriers”. How ironic, I thought.

At the eastern end of the park, just across from the spot the Trade Centers fell ten years ago, there are two signs. One contains the name of the park. The other is harder to read as it sits behind a whole set of metal barricades. “Open to the Public” is what it says. A young father with his son on his chest walked up as I was standing there. He looked at the sign and then at all the barriers. “That’s ironic, isn’t it?”, he said with a smile. We each walked away. I love New York.


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