My few days with my dad are coming to an end. I head back home early in the morning. I’ll be back January 9. That seems like a long time to me. To my dad, it seems like an eternity. I understand that. We had a really sweet visit. We hardly did anything. Hours at the dining room table — reading, eating, talking some. A month or so ago, my dad was pretty angry with most people and at most things. I sure understood that as well. He’d been told he had just a few months left to live. He was alternatively angry he would be leaving everything behind and that he had to wait until some indefinite moment. Something changed a few weeks ago. It might be the medication he is now on to lift his spirits or something less chemical. I don’t know and I don’t care. These last few days, he has just been really sweet. Forgetful. Yes. Repeating the same story every few minutes. Yes. But overwhelming sweet and grateful I am here with him. My dad has been a wonderful caretaker his entire life. Never, ever mean. Nothing close to that. But also not always sweet. It’s been wonderful to feel his sweet side for these last few days. Really wonderful.

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One Response to Sweet

  1. Awww, honey, this made me cry. And I love the picture of Ed — just like always! I am so happy you had this time to spend with him, I’m so thankful that he came back to his truest, best self, and I know you’ll treasure these quiet hours spent together in the years to come. I’m so glad my dad was able to know you, and I’m so happy I’ve known your dad.

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