Georgia, another proud moment

I wrote last week that Georgia ranks fourth in the highest incarceration rates among all fifty states. This weekend, I came across another astonishing data point. Of 100 students entering ninth grade across our state, how many do you think go on to earn a four-year college degree? Fifty? Guess again. Forty, you say. Want to try again? Try six. Yes, you read that right, SIX. Six out of 100. The really good news is another three complete a two-year degree. Wow. Some future our state has.

Then I read this morning that in the recently released State Integrity Investigation conducted by the Center for Public Integrity, New Jersey ranked highest (as in best) for such good things as accountability, transparency, ethics, lobbyist disclosure, access to financial information, insurance regulation, redistricting and so on. Are you kidding me? The home of Tony Soprano ranked first, receiving a grade of B plus. Want to guess where our Georgia ranked? Good thing the lowest grade possible was an F, which was exactly what we got.

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5 Responses to Georgia, another proud moment

  1. Beatriz says:

    Now I know exatly what I would like you to do or better what I would “encomendarte” to do if you become an HC. for G whicxh would be very helpful and meaningful. As a matter of fact Im having a meeting this morning that might began the process of making at least a very small change but still a change in detention centers
    So you see?, (and this comment is for all of us who feel the need to write) words do reach people

  2. Ginger says:

    Hi Larry,

    Tragic news! I believe that Joni Finney and Laura Perna are completing a study on Georgia.

    For Cohort 11’s Public Policy course with Joni Finney (and Laura Perna) this year, of the five states that they did an in depth study Georgia was one of them. The deeper study of that state will continue as Cohort 11 goes to Ireland to review their Public Policies in Higher Education and then have a wrap up round table on the last day. We will be flying in public officials from the five states which Georgia is one of them.

    Something to follow up on.


  3. I don’t see what future this country has if our children are going out into the workplace so utterly unprepared, uneducated and unready to compete in a global economy. How is it in any way acceptable that 50% of children don’t graduate HIGH SCHOOL? We had better take a long hard look at our priorities as a country. Seriously.

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