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What exactly is the promise of college?

In Sunday’s New York Times, Frank Bruni writes eloquently about “The Imperiled Promise of College.” He begins with these sentences: “For a long time and for a lot of us, “college” was more or less a synonym for success. … Continue reading

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A life well lived, a love well shared

It sure seems like a whole lot of the most special people in my life are leaving this life. I guess that happens as one gets older and I honestly can’t think of anything worse about aging. This weekend, I … Continue reading

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Charles and David Koch, the infamous Koch brothers, are doing immense damage to America. That’s what I believe. They own our home-town Georgia Pacific, which I think is a great tragedy. I have supported a boycott of GP products before; … Continue reading

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An American Tragedy, part two

I’ve written about a few of these subjects before: the obscene incarceration rate in America; Doug Blackmon’s ground-breaking book, Slavery by Another Name, in which he describes the forced labor system in place for more than a century after … Continue reading

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My apologies, Kristof link didn’t take; try this

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An American Tragedy, part one

I’ve been working on another blog for a week now and hope to have it up soon. It’s far too long; I know that already. So, when I came across this one mind-numbing sentence in Nicholas Kristof’s column in the Sunday New York … Continue reading

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I Pledge Allegiance…

Last fall, just a few months into his tenure, President Don Dowless of Shorter University in Rome, Georgia, a school affiliated with the Georgia Baptists, announced that all employees of the university would be required to sign a Personal Lifestyle … Continue reading

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