me and Pat?

As in Pat Robertson and me, emphatically arguing the same point. I told you that money makes strange bedfellows. Pat Robertson’s latest cause is prison reform or, more specifically, telling everybody who will listen that America is locking too many people up. I’ve provided some statistics in a post before.
Here are a few more courtesy of Fareed Zakaria. We have more people under correctional supervision (7.1 million) than at the height of Gulag Archipelago under Stalin. In 2011, California spent $9.6 billion for prisons and only $5.7 billion for higher education. In the last thirty years, California opened one new university and 21 new prisons. And finally, they spend $8,667 a year per college student and $50,000 per prisoner. Lovely. Just lovely. Have we heard one word this political season about any of this from any candidate? Of course not. Instead we have to listen to idiotic promises about cheap gas and ugly rhetoric about women. Sometimes I can’t stand it.
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2 Responses to me and Pat?

  1. Ginger ONeill says:


    These facts are a ferociously hard pill to swallow. I think it also speaks to our country’s passive-aggressive race issue. Let’s face it, if Trayvon Martin was white and Zimmerman was black, he would be arrested and likely convicted by now.


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