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Edwards, Bonds, Clemens, and then there are all the criminals on Wall Street

Today we learned that Jonathan Edwards was found not guilty on the one count on which the jury could agree. My recollection is that Barry Bonds was found guilty of some absolutely minor offense and walked on the rest. Roger … Continue reading

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Our tax dollars at work — the shame of proprietary colleges

Floyd Norris writes today on the NYT’s business page about what ought to be a national scandal. It actually is a scandal but it would appear that the dollars being contributed to our politicians by the for-profit higher education industry … Continue reading

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Guns, germs, and steel

I have two copies of this fascinating book by Jared Diamond and now I have watched the three-part National Geographic special by the same name. It’s a book very much worth the read and/or a series worth watching. Here’s the … Continue reading

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Making Schools Work

That’s the title of David Kirp’s Opinion piece in this Sunday’s NYT. I’ll begin with his punchline: School desegregation has been proven to be an effective strategy to close the achievement gap in our public schools, yet we have … Continue reading

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The City of Brookhaven: Yes or No?

I’ve written about this once before, but the campaign is heating up. “Yes” and “No” signs have started to appear on the front lawns of neighbors. So far, I don’t sense any ugliness in the campaign, not nearly as much … Continue reading

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D-E-B-T and Higher Education

Andrew Martin and Andrew Lehman have a front page story in Sunday’s New York Times: A Generation Hobbled by Debt. The top of the fold color picture features Kelsey Griffith, age 23, in debt $120,000 from her college loans, … Continue reading

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Our future is in good hands?

This weekend, the 2011 National Environmental Scorecard from the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) arrived in the mailbox at home. The Scorecard represents the consensus of experts from about 20 of the most respected environmental and conservation organizations in the … Continue reading

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