Really, this is news?

At some point in this whole election cycle (as in months ago), I have had to stop watching the news. Honestly, I would prefer to watch almost anything on TV than cable news these days. Last night I was channel surfing between The Voice and Dancing with the Stars. How pathetic is that? Take this week’s breaking story, for example. Should Obama boast of his success taking out Osama? Of course he should. Why the heck would he bury that one? If he had failed and a couple dozen Americans soldiers were killed, do you think the opposition party would feel like it was inappropriate to mention that? Please. How does this possibly become the lead story of the day? And what exactly is the story? One party wants to brag about doing something that worked and the other party doesn’t want to give them credit for it. Wow! What a stunner. I sure feel more educated today than I was yesterday.

s?19=40004&7=211911&38=923931823Should Obama boast of his success on bin Laden? –*

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4 Responses to Really, this is news?

  1. Bill Aitken '64 says:

    Happy May Day, Larry. As usual, spot on!!

  2. Absolutely right, honey .. and I can attest to the absolute dearth of anything important on TV news, meanwhile, there are SO many important things happening in the world that we should be paying attention to!

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