A half-million new jobs a month and $2.00 gallon gas

I have not even read through the news today (I now read rather than watch –it’s far easier to make it disappear), but guess what’s the BREAKING NEWS story of the day? Candidate Romney is telling the American people that we ought to be adding 500,000 jobs a month. That would be nice and so would the $2.00 a gallon gas that Gingrich promised. When I was ten years old, I used to think if I were only two feet taller, I’d be in the NBA. If wishing made things happen …

How many months during George W.’s eight years did we add 500,000 jobs? That would be zero. How about 400,000? Zero as well. In the 876 months that have passed since 1929, we have hit this number a grand total of 16 times. Why do politicians think we are so stupid and gullible? By the way, do you think I might still grow another foot by age 60? Not as in a third foot, but six feet nine-inches tall? Here’s hoping.

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One Response to A half-million new jobs a month and $2.00 gallon gas

  1. Honey, if you put your mind to it, I’m certain you could grow another foot in height in 18 months … AND be in the NBA. I have faith in you (and Romney … ha!!)

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