Our future is in good hands?

This weekend, the 2011 National Environmental Scorecard from the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) arrived in the mailbox at home. The Scorecard represents the consensus of experts from about 20 of the most respected environmental and conservation organizations in the country. Folks like Oglethorpe’s own Laura Turner Seydel serve on the Board of LCV. The kinds of issues the LCV pays attention to and end up as part of their rankings include:

–funding of parks
–efforts to control greenhouse gases
–subsidies to big oil
–offshore drilling
–efforts to rollback environmental regulations in place
–ethanol subsidies
–mass transportation enhancements
–gutting of the EPA
–pesticide pollution
–Gulf Coast restoration
–Assault on the Clean Air Act

and on and on. A zero rating means someone voted against EVERY piece of legislation designed to protect the environment. Every one. That doesn’t seem possible. Surely, even the most ardent of pro-business folks would see their way to support just one piece of legislation designed to protect our children’s future. Surely. Senator Isakson from Georgia, a staunch conservative, managed to get an 11 rating as he opposed continuing ethanol subsidies. He voted against every other measure along with Senator Chambliss who by supporting ethanol subsidies scored a big fat zero.

I then checked the House votes and ratings. Georgia has eight Republican members of the House and if you average their ratings (give me a minute, let me do the math), they scored a perfect zero. Zero plus zero, carry the zero…. Let me check neighboring Alabama. That bastion of socialism has six Republicans and three of the six actually scored above zero — not much above zero, I will admit, but at least they got their bat on the ball. Louisiana with its six Republicans? I counted a 13, a 17 and a 29 among their rankings. They’re apparently half way to communism down on the bayou.

The current House of Representatives is the most anti-environmental in our nation’s history and that’s saying something.

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7 Responses to Our future is in good hands?

  1. J. Todd Bennett says:

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry!

    • Bill Aitken PhD says:

      Explain please. Don’t understand what you are driving at.

      • petrelwords says:

        Bill, I see the decline of this great country across so many areas, education and the environment being at the top of my list. It’s just unfathomable to me how short-sighted we have become.

      • Bill Aitken PhD - OU '64 says:

        J. Todd–Gotcha. We’re on the same page. (Thought you might be saying something regarding Laura’s LCV Board membership.) And yet so many appear ready to go even further into the hole. Why are people so dense?

  2. How these REPRESENTATIVES (and I use that term incredibly loosely) can look their children and grandchildren in the face and say “I helped destroy every shred of legislation designed to protect the environment — which is your FUTURE” … is just beyond me. I am SO SO ashamed of this state… and this nation. Having traveled around the world and seen the incredible, destructive impact of global warming on the smallholder farmers from Peru to Uganda to Nepal … who see every day the melting of the glaciers and the wildly erratic weather patterns that are ruining crops… I cannot believe the willful ignorance of our legislators here. We are SO much better than this.
    What has happened to our intelligence and our stewardship of the planet???

  3. Oh yeah … the answer? FOX NEWS and unlimited money to politicians, judges and elections.
    God bless America. (oh, p.s. Jesus said “Love your neighbor as yourself.” — not BUY AN ELECTION… and Jesus wept.)

  4. Bill Aitken '64 says:

    Not much better here in Va., Larry (but a little)–mean of 42.5% (compared to 29.3% in Ga.)

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