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Citizens without healthcare

Georgia made another top ten list today: the states that will be helped most by the Supreme Court’s healthcare decision. More than one in five Georgians have no health care coverage today. That will now change. Seems like a good … Continue reading

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Thomas Jefferson’s University of Virginia

Well, well, they sure have made a mess of things up north (I love that Virginia is actually up north for me now). The UVA Board of Rectors fired the university’s president, Teresa Sullivan, just two years into her tenure. … Continue reading

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A slow recovery? It’s all relative.

That’s the headline of Floyd Norris, writing in Saturday’s New York Times on the pace of the American economic recovery. Adjusted for inflation, we’ve seen 1.2% growth since the peak quarter before the 2008 recession began. Among the group of … Continue reading

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I have a Dream Act

President Obama took a step today toward some fashion of immigration reform.In reality, it was not a huge step, but enough to sharply mark the difference between the two parties today on the issue of immigration policy. Best I can … Continue reading

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10 Myths about Higher Education

This month’s magazine published by the American Council On Education (ACE) (The Presidency) highlighted the top ten myths about higher education. I guess one could argue the attempt is self-serving, but that does not make the facts any less true. … Continue reading

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It just doesn’t seem possible

Last night, my final one in San Juan de Laguna, I had a special night out with the four children in my house: Kayla, Brian, Kayo and Alan. Instead of our typical dinner of tortillas, beans, eggs and sometimes a … Continue reading

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The Guatemalan dream

I have returned again to Guatemala, I’ve lost count of which trip this is, which for me is a very good thing. I know I am a visitor and will likely always be one, but I am not a tourist. … Continue reading

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