Von Ryan’s Express

I think Romney’s choice for Vice President was a good one. Ryan is a credible politician (unlike the last choice of the party) and his selection ought to help sharpen the political debate. Let’s start with an issue near and dear to my heart, access to higher education. What would happen to the hopes of low-income families trying to send their children to college under Paul Ryan’s budget plan? Read on.


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3 Responses to Von Ryan’s Express

  1. Bill Aitken '64 says:

    I’m sorry, didn’t Romney introduce Ryan as the next President of the United States? So which is it? Is there something prohhetic about that remark? Sorry, straying from topic.
    The strange thing about all of this is that I used to think of myself as a Republican. The reasons for the change over the years (don’t they tell us that people are supposed to become more conservative as they age?) are several. A LIBERAL ARTS education probably started it all, which taught me to seek pro and con evidence for opinions and positions, my own as well as all others (not quite the way it is for party-liners, is it?). Still, I was among the most conservative in my EARLY graduate education on university campuses. That changed over the 10 years of that, and especially as I became involved in minority higher education and was bale to compare that with majority educational institutionans, policies and the students I was ionvolved with of both stripes, and I saw things I never would have believed from that end of the political spectrum. But I think the biggest thing to move me away from that end is that the Republican party has SHIFTED massively over the years, to the extreme that renders it unrecognizable to ‘formers’ such as me. So what will the next several years bring? Scarey, isn’t it?!

  2. Jeff B says:

    @ Bill Aitken: Obama did the same thing when introducing Biden as his Veep in 2008. Not sure how it adds to the discussion, but since you seemed to think it was relevant I thought I would share that forgotten fact with you.

    @Larry: I’m afraid that everyone is going to find a cause/issue near and dear to them that is going to feel the scalpel if we are going to get our debt under control. It can’t be done just by raising taxes. Serious spending cuts are going to have to be part of the solution. The question is whether we will all agree to swallow some unpleasant short-term medicine for our long-term benefit. Not too optimistic on that one, but I agree that Paul Ryan will help frame a serious debate on this type of issue.

    • petrelwords says:

      Here’s my sense of the budget debate. Taxes need to return to historic levels and budgets need to come down. It won’t work to do one without the other. On the education issue, cutting investments in our future is a dangerous long term strategy.

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