I love that man

Thomas Friedman’s latest


Lawrence M. Schall
Oglethorpe University, Atlanta, GA 30319

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3 Responses to I love that man

  1. Bill '64 says:

    Another so-called “Pro-Life issue: If life begins at conception, as some believe, and not at birth, why do those who “find religion” call themselves “Born-Again”? Does biological life begin at conception but spiritual rebirth begin at birth? Which is it, can’t be both? Shouldn’t people call themselves “Conceived-Again________s” instead of “Born-Again________s” in order to reflect their beliefs consistently? Or is this simply a sign that they really believe life begins at birth but argue otherwise when it suits them just for the sake of arguing against another’s position? Wish someone would explain this one to me satisfactorily. To me, it simply reflects a lack of rational reasoned thinking.

  2. Ginger ONeill says:

    Hi Larry,

    Brilliantly and compassionately stated. I agree. I love this guy too!


  3. love him too!!

    hey, can you please call Lulu and find out if she’s okay — if she’s

    left NYC and all that? i’m worried that she’ll be stranded .

    it looks like one helluva storm coming in — but another Irene false alarm? something tells me this is the real thing and i don’t want her there.

    thanks honey,

    xoxoxo mom

      Betty Londergan 2702 Mabry Rd. NE Atlanta, GA 30319 (610-348-9279) http://heifer12x12.wordpress.com


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