Put a teacher in every gunshop

For a group that believes in smaller government and less taxes, the NRA certainly proposed a brilliant to solution to the gun safety crisis in our country. There are some 67,000 public elementary schools in America, some 100,000 public schools in all. At $100,000 per year to hire, train, and arm SWAT skilled police officers (and their part-time substitutes to cover them when they are sick or on vacation), we are talking ten billion dollars a year. We all know teachers and mental health professionals come cheap. Given all the teachers and counselor our schools have laid off because of the budget crisis, how about putting an educator in every gunshop? Makes a whole lot more sense to me.

If your schools are anything like the ones my kids went to, why stop at one police officer per school? I’d put one on the playground, one in the cafeteria, and at least four or five scattered around the complex. You can probably skip the library since we’ve likely let that professional go already and cut back library hours. And best I can tell, the people that come to schools and movie theatres and who knows where next loaded to the gills with automatic weapons have no plans to leave alive. I hardly think one cop somewhere in a sprawling building will deter them.

The NRA is a professional association disguised as a membership organization whose primary purpose is to fuel gun sales of its corporate sponsors. They are really good at what they do and horribly bad for America.

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2 Responses to Put a teacher in every gunshop

  1. Muriel Knope says:

    Thank you for pointing out the absurdity of the NRA’s proposal. Where does this end? Armed guards in every school, every movie theater, every post office, every McDonald’s? Or should we all carry a gun everywhere we go? Seriously? If the shooting at Sandy Hook is not a wake-up call for this country, then what will it take? We need better gun laws now. We need robust mental health services. And we need to take a good hard look at ourselves and the level of violence in our culture and our media, including our video games. Why do we tolerate this Wild West mentality?

  2. Bill says:

    As I’ve noted before, yes, let’s turn our schools into shooting galleries! And as also noted previously, what happens when a teacher or other school personnel kill or maim a child in the crossfire? Are they prosecuted? ‘The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun’?!! How about keeping the bad guy from obtaining a gun? An obvious attempt to not only get more guns sold, but also equally obviously an attempt to increase NRA membership fee income for more lobbying!
    Ever read the second amendment grammatically? Remember parsing sentences in school? There are a variety of websites that will parse a sentence entered. Try it sometime. You’ll find that the subject of the sentence (for which the right of keeping and bearing arms shall not be infringed) is “A well regulated Militia”. A bunch of people running around with guns is not a militia. Look up the definition of ‘militia’ in a dictionary. They universally emphasize the words like organized, regulated, etc. (using such legal organized militias as the National Guard and other reserve ORGANIZATIONS as examples). People can certainly join and belong to ORGANIZED militias (even the amendment states ‘A WELL REGULATED militia’). That’s not a bunch of people running around with guns. Wouldn’t that then grant the right to keep and bear arms to “A well regulated militia” (that’s what it says!) to hold (in Armories, etc.) and disburse firearms to able-bodied citizen in the event of an insurrection or attack by an enemy?
    Next time you run into a gun owner extolling the second Amendment and it’s giving them the right to own and brandish firearms, ask them to what militia they belong? How is it organized and regulated? Who are their officers? How do they become officers? What regulated training does their militia perform, where does it occur, and how is it regulated? Their’ militia’ is recognized by what legal body? It seems to me that the second Amendment gives the right to keep and bear arms to “regulated militias”. Why is this not universally recognized? What am I missing?
    I’m sure many will be instantly willing to ‘inform’ me of the error of my analysis. So let’s hear it! All of you grammarians, perhaps some college English profs, out there, help me understand what exactly this amendment says, straighten out this misunderstanding soul. And if this analysis is correct, does that mean that all gun owners are breaking the law? What legal action shall be taken against them? Arrest and forfeiture perhaps?
    Remember, when firearms are freely available they are much more likely to be used to settle disputes than the much more difficult process of using reason and logical analysis to resolve issues. That’s just human nature. Isn’t it about time to overcome some of our less rational nature?

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