My history with guns

I love the NRA. They just keep on coming at you. Their response to the recently released picture of Obama skeet shooting? “This isn’t something he has done very often because of how he is standing, how he has the gun mounted.” Well, as far as I am concerned, that pretty much destroys his credibility on the subject.

Now I do think the President’s use of skeet shooting to legitimize his position on gun safety was pretty lame. Whether or not he or anyone else calling for some rationality on this front has ever shot a gun is of no relevance whatsoever. That said, although I am not sure I can produce a photo, I do want to establish my own bona fides. When I was ten years old at my Jewish sleepover camp in the Pocono Mountains, I shot a 22 caliber rifle almost every day during afternoon activity period. If I can remember correctly, daily rifle practice was squeezed between arts and crafts and late afternoon swim period. Granted, that little 22 was no assault weapon, but I do think it had a high-capacity magazine of something like two. I realize now that I have failed to include this experience on my résumé for forty years. A tremendous oversight it would appear. Apparently, one needs to be an expert marksman to have a legitimate opinion about the thousands of people slaughtered every year in our country with a gun.

But let’s run with this argument for a while. So, men ought not to weigh in on women’s health issues given their lack of experience there. Actually, I’d vote for that. Guys who have never played professional football aren’t allowed to call sports talk radio stations anymore. Heck, I’m on board with that one too. People who have never been to war can’t send America off to fight another. Well, that doesn’t sound like too bad an idea either.

I plan on revising my cv in the morning. Do you think I should include my gun shooting summers under hobbies or philanthropic activities?

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3 Responses to My history with guns

  1. Bill says:

    And I guess anyone with no prior “real” experience with governing has any business running for office. Interesting thought, but probably a bad idea in many ways. By the way, every US President in my many years of memory had photos taken and widely distributed throughout the countryside of themselves handling a firearm. Not sure that ever influenced my voting for them either way as President. And we all remember the VP Dick Cheney perspective of ‘ready, shoot, aim’.
    I had forgotten all about ‘my history with guns’. I guess that history legitimizes my credibility on the topic of guns. Good! As a former member of the Oglethorpe University Gun Club and pistol team under Chief Sewell (as well as having some 22 rifle practice at a few military academy summer camp experiences of my own–yeah, all with those high-power 22-shorts), I enjoyed the sport of target competition. It was fun. That said, I would never want to carry the target pistol around and brandish it anywhere other than at the practice range (where they were all collected at the conclusion of a practice session and locked away), and I won’t even allow anyone on/in/etc. my property with any kind of firearm (with the exception of duly authorized police and military). Somehow the NRA has never gotten around to trying to recruit me and solicit support. Good thing!
    Larry, I think you should keep doing what you have already been doing with regard to your CV. I’m certainly not going to change mine. It will go on exhibiting the training, experience and accomplishments relevant to my career and community service, and I don’t see any relevance whatsoever of firearm use or non-use. Carry on.

  2. Didi says:

    That was a funny article. Reminded me that I used to shoot catapillers (sp?) with a bb gun down in the apple orchard! Hope all is good with you. xox Didi

  3. I quite like reading an article that will make people think.

    Also, many thanks for allowing for me to comment!

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