Coach Boeheim

So what do you talk about with a legendary basketball coach with over 900 wins who brought his team to your university for a Final Four practice? Carmello Anthony? Nope. His famous 2-3 zone? Nope. Gun control? Bingo! After Sandy Hook, Coach Boeheim was the one of first and most prominent Americans to speak out on the need for rational gun safety legislation and Nancy Cantor, Syracuse’s President, was among the early signers to our open letter by College Presidents For Gun Safety. So with one of the most important games in the history of Syracuse and in the career of its coach looming, here we were , with his team slamming down one massive dunk after dunk behind us, talking about politics in America. I liked Coach Boeheim yesterday. I love him today. Guess who I am rooting for?

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4 Responses to Coach Boeheim

  1. Knowing how you love basketball?? So, so cool!!

  2. Savta says:

    hopefully the coach’s influence will be received along with his coaching by players and fans

  3. DAlessandro, Colleen says:

    Love it!

  4. Paul Chen says:

    But the best team won!!! Go CARDS!!!

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