Fighting a war in the age of 24 hours news

Before this week, I’m certain very few of us have ever heard the name of the small town in northern Syria called Kobani. For the past week or so, the ISIS siege of Kobani is all the news can seem to talk about. Well, that’s not entirely true. The one Ebola case diagnosed in America (actually in Texas to be accurate) has consumed the talking heads morning, day, and night. And now with the sentencing of Joe Guidice of “Housewives” fame to jail, both Kobani and Ebola may very well disappear off the screen very soon. But back to Kobani.

I am pretty certain, or at least really hopeful, that our President and his national security team are not watching Fox News and CNN in order to determine their next move in the war against ISIS. Not that these news stations are not fine institutions, but I wouldn’t trust either of them to advise me if it was raining outside let alone when, where, and how we ought to proceed in a war. But my lack of faith doesn’t seem to have slowed either of them down. Not one bit. Yesterday, they were mesmerized by the video of five or six ISIS warriors (at least they look to me like they might possibly be men who belong to ISIS) just two kilometers from the Kobani’s border and asking why in the world have we not killed these people yet . Is it really possible our drone operators were not watching the news carefully enough? These guys were out there for all to see and film. Was the President, perhaps, playing a round of golf and missed all this?

I hate the idea that we are once again fighting a war that seems destined to be a miserable failure. I don’t have any ideas about great alternatives and generally trust those who know far more than I do to at least try to do the right thing. Among the right things to do, I’d include ignoring the advice of our most famous news networks. They haven’t won a war in a very long time, not even the ratings war.

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2 Responses to Fighting a war in the age of 24 hours news

  1. Nancy says:

    Excellent points! I’m sick of the so called “news” that is endlessly regurgitated by these folks!

  2. Bill says:


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