A city divided

This morning I decided to venture into a new part of the city and see if my Uber experience would be different and boy was it ever. Five rides in little more than two hours. $35.17 was my share (or I should say Oglethorpe’s share) of this morning’s fares. Here’s a quick run down of my passengers: a young woman who had lost her license from a DUI conviction and decided to stick with Uber as it proved more convenient and less expensive than owning a car; a businessman who spends most of his time in China who needed a ride back to his residence at the Ritz Carlton; a Georgia Tech student who had dropped his girlfriend’s car off to be detailed and didn’t want to wait around for the few hours; a college counselor for a well-known private school in Atlanta on his way back from the airport needing a ride from a MARTA station to his apartment; and finally what started out as a two person ride (maybe boyfriend and girlfriend) until she threw him out of the car after an argument before we even got started to their (then just her) destination. I couldn’t tell whether it was the end of a late night for them or too early a start to the day. In any event, it was all I could do to stop myself from telling her this guy was a loser and she needed to permanently throw him overboard. He must have dropped the F bomb ten times in the two minutes he was in my car. And did I mention the college counselor recognized me? I believe what he said was “Is that you, Dr. Schall?” Atlanta is a damn small town.

My routes this morning were all in the general vicinity of Midtown unlike most of my prior outings which were more on the outskirts of town (in between OTP and ITP as it is called here). My riders today were all white and from what I could gather, all quite well-off. It ought not be that big a surprise that where you Uber determines who who you will pick up, but the contrast couldn’t be more stark.

I’m headed up to New York tomorrow for a Monday morning appearance on The Market Makers. Eight forty a.m. on Bloomberg TV. They are interested in my little experiment. Five minutes of fame for Oglethorpe. Should be fun.

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One Response to A city divided

  1. gingerwo89 says:

    Congrats Larry!

    You are really rocking this experiment.



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