Oglethorpe is a very special place

Couldn’t be more proud of our students. Oglethorpe is a very special place. Here’s a note I shared with our community today.


Faculty, staff, and students:

 On this past Wednesday evening, over two hundred students gathered in the TLCC dining hall to share their personal experiences and views on the issues of race and discrimination on our own campus and across our country. While there were more than a dozen trustees, faculty, and staff in attendance, I wish more of us could have been there. I could not have been more impressed by the leaders who helped organize the event, the Oglethorpe Diversity Board, the Black Student Caucus and the Student Government Association, and by the passion and eloquence of everyone who came up to talk, minority and majority students alike. I know additional events, large and small, are being planned for second semester and I encourage all of you to make the time to show up at one of these. I think we all learn by attending these events.


As you know, rallies and protests have been organized over the last few weeks on campuses across the country. Despite the good will and intentions of many, discrimination, racism, and intolerance continue to be a regular experience of members of our community, on campus and off. In my view, there is no more important issue for our own community to face and to take on. I can say with confidence that the conversations that characterized the event on our campus are far too rare today. People talked and people listened. I am so proud to be part of a community where that still happens.


Today, you will see signs on the Quad that were part of last night’s event. Please take a moment to read them. I invite everyone to join the conversation.


President Schall


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One Response to Oglethorpe is a very special place

  1. Janet H Maddox says:

    I love this post. So happy to know that the ability to have meaningful discussions on important issues lived on at Oglethorpe.

    Janet Maddox


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